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Chung Ang University 2017

Chung Ang University 2017

The deadline for submitting the nomination sheet, along with Letter of Approval (signed by faculty advisor and Head of Department) is April 27 2017


Please refer to the attached documents for further information.

Important Documents:           
Application Procedure Information & Fact Sheet(2017 Fall)
Invitation of Exchange Students for Fall Semester
Academic Year 2016-2017 Courses Offered in English
CAU International Program Nomination Form


The course list is a compilation of courses that are offered in English. Please note this is only to be used as a reference. The final, official list of courses will be available through the online course registration system (Portal system) approximately 1 month before the beginning of lectures.


Regarding the nomination form

In the nomination form, drop down menus have been made available in the following columns (with green background):


–          Gender (Column D)

–          Study Level (Column E)

–          Proposed study level (Column G)

–          Proposed College at CAU (Column H)

–          Proposed major at CAU (Column I)

–          Period of exchange (Column J)

–          Fee paying type (Column O)


*For all the options to properly appear, please fill out the form in order from left to right
(Column B → C →D…)



By using these drop down menus, it will facilitate the choices between both universities. We would especially like to mention that Column H & I are important because they include a list of colleges & majors that CAU has available for your students. Therefore, we ask that you look through the drop down menus carefully before filling in the details.


We would also like to mention that if the selected proposed study level is “Masters,” students will only be able to enroll in two colleges: Global MBA and Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS). For example, if the student selects “Graduate School of International Studies” for proposed college at CAU, they will have to select “International Studies” at their proposed major in Column I.


Letter of Approval

Academic Year 2016-2017 Courses Offered 

Application Procedure Information & Fact

CAU International Program Nomination for

Invitation of Exchange Students for Fall