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Buddy Programme and Trip to ‘VGP Universal Kingdom’ – Feb 02, 2013

Buddy Programme and Trip to ‘VGP Universal Kingdom’ – Feb 02, 2013

One of the visions of IIT Madras is to create a social framework which helps incoming international students integrate into the campus more easily in social as well as academic terms. Mutual cultural exchange and learning can be strongly enhanced by providing a supportive environment. For this reason, a buddy programme has been started which is in its pilot phase! The buddy will help the student adjust to the IIT Madras campus life.

As a kick-off event to our buddy programme, special one-day trip to ‘VGP Universal Kingdom’ was organized on the 2nd of February, in which more than 40 international students participated and were accompanied by buddies who will be a ‘friend’ throughout their stay at IITM. We all had a lot of fun! People were freaking out while dancing in a water disco, were sharing the thrill of roller-coaster rides and simply enjoyed spending time together. Many games were also organized which facilitated the networking of the international students with the Indian students. Kabaddi, an Indian game, was especially a big hit with all the students playing till late at night. Delicious food put a smile on the faces of people. It was amazing to see cultural barriers being more or less absent during this day and how friendships started to evolve. The event – sponsored by IIT Madras, Office of International Relations – was a huge success and can be best described as a joyful gathering of different faces from various parts of the world!

Various additional social gatherings will follow with the aim to enable and to deepen the inter-personal relationships. We believe that this would help make their short period of stay at IIT Madras an enjoyable one.