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Seoul National University Spring 2018

Seoul National University Spring 2018

Seoul National University Spring 2018

Please find the attached Spring 2018 application guide information for the SNU Student Exchange Program below.


Interested students have to provide the letter of approval (signed by faculty advisor and HoD) and official transcripts, along with the following details to and/or on or before September 27 2017.


  1. First Name and Last Name (as it appears on passport) -
  2. Date of Birth (Please state as YYYYMMDD. Ex: 19941023) -
  3. Nationality -
  4. Gender -
  5. E-mail ID -
  6. Intended Study Period at SNU (Spring 2018 only/Spring & Fall 2018) -
  7. Intended Department at SNU -
  8. Phone -


Nominated student(s) will receive an application guideline e-mail along with instructions regarding the online application process from us.

The application deadline for admission into the Spring 2018 semester is  October 20 2017. Both online and offline document submission are required for the application. Please make sure that you carefully read through the guidelines and prepare for the application process in advance.

Students can find information on the courses that were previously provided at our course registration website . Please find the attached course instruction below.


*Important Updates

– Applicants who apply for the Korean History/ Psychology/ Statistics department must provide proof of Korean language ability. A satisfactory level of Korean language ability should be either (1) Level 5 or above of official Korean Language Proficiency Test or (2) Level 5 or above of the Korean Test conducted at the SNU Language Institute.

The College of Law is NOT open to undergraduate level students from Spring 2018.
  *The School of Law, a specialized law school for graduate level students, will be open to undergraduate level students from Fall 2018. The undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Law we have master level status at SNU regardless their home university study level.

– Priority course registration for the business administration courses listed on the attached “College of Business Administration_Requisite Subject for Major” will be given to the regular degree-seeking students. Exchange students may take the course only if there are extra seats available. As the courses are mandatory courses for degree-seeking students, generally, all seats are quickly filled up. Please make sure that you plan ahead, and have a back up course.


Letter of Approval 2017

1. SNU Student Exchange Program Applicati

2. Recommendation_Form

3. Course Search Instruction

4. Inbound_Exchange Student FAQ

5. College of Business Administration_Req