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Technical University of Munich 2017-18

Technical University of Munich 2017-18


Nomination Deadline – April 15 2017

Application Deadline – May 15 2017 (Hard copy of the applications should reach TUM on or before this date)


  1. Semester dates


Winter term: October 1st, 2017 – March 31st, 2018

Courses: October 16th, 2017 – February 10th, 2018

Examinations: depend on the TUM department, but usually take place between February and end of March 2018. If you have questions regarding the time of examinations at TUM – if your students need to do examinations – please contact TUM’s International Affairs Delegates (see point 6). Unfortunately, earlier or extra examination dates for exchange students cannot be arranged! Students need to take part in the regular examinations as all other TUM students!

Orientation weeks / obtaining TUM Student card: beginning of October before lectures start.



  1. E-nomination

Send a scanned Letter of Approval (signed by Faculty Advisor & HoD), along with scanned copy of passport to and/or on or before April 15 2017.


3 . Application documents


Application forms and a list of supplementary documents can be found here:

–       TUMexchange:

–       Departmental Program:

Students need to fill in the application form in our portal, upload all necessary documents and finalize the process in the portal. After submitting the data to TUM they need to print the application form as well as their supplementary documents and post them (via ordinary post or courier). All application documents need to arrive at TUM at latest by the deadline on May 15th, 2017. Please send them to the following address:


Technische Universitaet Muenchen

International Center /incoming

Anna Schwark
Arcisstr. 21
80333 Muenchen



Please DO NOT e-mail applications!


à in the attachment you can also find a step by step “Application guide for TUM exchange students” about our application portal.



  1. Language skills


If students want to attend courses taught in German at TUM, proficient German skills are key. If they want to attend courses in English, they should also have excellent English skills. Please note that TUM continues to offer many courses in German language (see point 5)!

TUM departments request a German respectively English certificate of at least B1 (exceptions: TUM School of Management, School of Education and Center of Life and Sciences in Weihenstephan: here a level of at least B2 is requested). The required language skills are also laid down in the agreements between our universities.

Required language confirmation(s): see point 3 “Application documents”.



  1. German skills


At TUM many courses offered are conducted in German. If students participate in courses conducted in German and don’t have a reasonable knowledge of German, they could have a problem studying at TUM. Even if students will be attending lectures in English at TUM, a basic knowledge of the German language is recommended to make the most of your stay and make daily life in Munich a smoother and more enjoyable experience.


Therefore, TUM always recommends that their incoming exchange students participate in German courses:

  1. German courses at TUM:
  2. Some other online courses:



  1. Courses and language requirements / examinations


If students have questions regarding courses and examination dates at TUM, please contact the responsible TUM International Affairs Delegate in their TUM department:


Courses offered at TUM are listed at the following link: (important: students should NOT register in TUMonline by their own! Registration for all exchange students will be done automatically by TUM after they are accepted! Thus, until then they should only use TUMonline without registration!)


To access the course catalogue, students can switch the language to English in the top right hand corner and select «courses» in the search bar. If there are no courses listed for the semester they want to study in (which usually is the case as they are planning their studies in advance of faculty timetabling), they should choose the same semester in which they are planning to come but for the previous year (the offered courses in each semester usually stay the same).


The main number of courses (at least 60%) your students will attend at TUM need to be in the TUM department where they are nominated for / registered in (at TUM). In addition to that, they can choose courses from other TUM departments.


Please note: many courses are only held in German – not in English – and it is very important for students to confirm the language of instruction for the courses they intend enrolling in! The fact that a course description is written in English does not necessarily mean that the course is also taught in English! You can find the course language within the course description.

è  Please see the bilateral agreement regarding requested language levels. It is very important to check the agreements, as the requested language level differs depending on the TUM department! Please stick to the level laid down in the agreements, as acceptance cannot be guaranteed if disregarding it.


Please note again (see “semester dates”): examination dates depend on the TUM department, but usually take place between February and end March 2018. Unfortunately, earlier or extra examination dates for exchange students cannot be arranged! They need to take part in the regular examinations as all other TUM students!



  1. Further steps: acceptance, admission letter,…


– After receiving all students’ application documents TUM will forward them to the concerned TUM department where the final decision of acceptance is made.

– After students are accepted by the TUM departments, they will receive their official TUM admission letter via e-mail, which will be sent to them from July on! In the admission letter they can find further information about next steps:

  • Every student attending TUM has to pay the Student union fee of € 52 and the solidary contribution for the semester ticket of € 66,50, in total € 118,50 / semester (as of today).
  • Additionally every student needs to have proof of a German national insurance (see “Legal Requirements”) to enroll at TUM (only if students are over 30 years old, they do not need an insurance for their enrollment at TUM).



Letter of Approval

Instruction_e-nomination_ISCED code

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